Thanks To You, Here’s What Happened In 2017 at AstroLabs!

Just like the explorers who used the astrolabe to cross continents and navigate seas, we recognize that our quest to create a thriving technology ecosystem in MENA is going to be a long and challenging journey.

Yet, we can still stop to reflect on the distance we have traveled so far, and be grateful for those who helped us along the way. So, as 2017 comes to a close we wanted to share with you some interesting and fun stats about our work and milestones this past year.

Most of these, we could not have achieved without our wide network of supporters: our community members & partners, mentors, instructors, program participants and many more.

Thank you for your support!


Here are some interesting facts about the community of entrepreneurs we’re building at the AstroLabs Dubai Coworking Space

This year we have welcomed a total of 113 companies into our space and community. Most of the companies are homegrown while an emerging number are expansions to emerging markets who intend to use our space as their launchpad

The majority of companies that have joined follow a Saas (Software as a service) model with the second & third largest being service focused companies (wide range from software development to marketing and others) and E-commerce companies.

Another notable achievement is that our member companies have cumulatively raised over 16 million dollars and those are only the disclosed amounts we have been able to track!


AstroLabs Has 197 Members

Our member size has grown to over 197 members (people that work out of our coworking space) in total, a new milestone for us. They range from full stack developers to founders, growth hackers, operation managers, sales executive, and interns. All together building amazing companies and in the process contributing to the growth of the technology ecosystem!

AstroLabs Members Nationalities

We talk about AstroLabs as the tech hub to access the emerging market our bustling community proudly reflects that. We have a very diverse makeup of over 37 nationalities represented!

AstroLabs Gender Split

Diversity creates better companies and a more healthy and interesting ecosystem for all. At the moment, 24% of our members are female with roles of founders, directors, and executives. We are launching new initiatives to make AstroLabs the best place for women founders to launch a company. If you want to be part of this we’d be honored if you joined us!



The AstroLabs jobs portal was created as a free resource to allow for our members and the wider startup & tech community to find quality talent. It is one of the most used resources we offer in the ecosystem and is extensively used by tech startups in the region looking to hire professionals in tech, marketing, sales and more.

AstroLabs Jobs Posted

This year we have posted over 300 new jobs and those have received 1,734 applications. 

AstroLabs Job Applications

Most applicants hear about the site from our community-driven efforts, so each application is much more likely to be relevant to the job posting!

AstroLabs Job Categories

 We’ve twice successfully recruited through the AstroLabs job portal and we love it. It gives us access to thousands of highly-skilled local and international profiles that are looking for a position in a tech company. And on top of that, it is free!

Timothée Désormeaux, Associate Director at Effilab MENA

Check out our open vacancies and if you’re an employer you can post your jobs for free.


Fun fact:  AstroLabs started off as a training academy before launching our coworking space! 

AstroLabs Academy is on a mission to reduce the skill & talent gap in the ecosystem by hosting free talks, workshops, bootcamps in digital skills and facilitating training programs for corporations, accelerators & incubators across the region.

This year we hosted over 247 events, workshops, talks and courses across the region. A majority of those events were in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

Cumulatively we have had over 12,000 learners join and take part our events and workshops. This dataset reaffirms our hypotheses that there is a strong need for more and more professionals to acquire tech-focused skill sets.

Through our workshops, events and meetups, we’re proud that we’ve achieved a near equal split among the genders!

To get access to our free events you can join our meetup group (the largest digital & tech meetup group in the UAE).

You can also join our Startup Bootcamp coming up early next year, which will be a week-long practical session that will help take you from an Idea to a Real Business.


As we reflect on how far we, our member companies and our academy participants have come, we continue to keep an eye on the bigger milestones to come in the near future. We hope you’ll help us be a part of it in “Making It Happen” and stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming up in 2018!


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