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Scaling AstroLabs Academy corporate training with Spark Foundry

Last week we announced our partnership with Spark Foundry through ‘Transformational Upskill’, a joint program for their clients across the region.

Here’s why we’re super excited about this:

  • Real skills for real people: one of the things that excites us the most at AstroLabs is the impact we can have on people we train, whether we’re allowing them to become better at their job or find a (new) job. Our digital capability building programs have one purpose: providing participants with the knowledge and skill set to strive in today’s ever changing and increasingly demanding job market. 
  • Scaling with big brands and corporates: our work with corporates and other large entities in the last few years convinced us that we can make a real difference and add real value. Our partnership with Spark Foundry will allow us to scale this impact by taking our training programs to more companies, touching hundreds and thousands of digital professionals.  
  • Contributing to digital transformation in the region: in a practical and hands-on way that is bringing startup-world culture, knowledge and skills to large companies as they go through their digital transformation journeys with a portfolio of training solutions from executing digital transformation to digital HR, omnichannel, digital marketing, as well as coding and data science. 
  • Taking startup learnings and culture into big corporates: we are not vendors marketing specific technologies and we’re not theoretical preachers. We are practitioners and entrepreneurs sharing real lessons on how to do things the startup way: staying lean and nimble, doing more with less, hacking it – even on a big budget. 
  • Collaborating with the right partner: great things can only happen when committed and passionate people align around a common vision and goal. Our experience with the Spark Foundry team has been clear proof of that. Many people might believe that transformation is the name of the game for themselves and their customers but few are those who set a vision and make it happen like the Spark Foundry team does.

And last but not least, something very dear to me personally: do first, announce later. This partnership is already in full swing. Over the last two months we delivered workshops at Emirates NBD and Majid Al Futtaim, and many others are in the making in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi and the rest of MENA for 2019.

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