Dubai Coding Bootcamp Diaries: Weeks 3 & 4

This is part two of our Dubai Coding Bootcamp Diaries series. Click here for part 1

Weeks 3 & 4 of the coding bootcamp have been BIG. Teams have formed, ideas have been finalised, landing pages are being built and so much more!

Week 3

In the third week we focused on HTML & CSS. This was the first learning module in the bootcamp that consisted of learning a programming language. The attendees were diving into the technical world of development and learn all about the foundation of coding, HTML & CSS. For the curious, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is where your content lives when building a site while CSS is what makes your site looks nice.

During the workshop, attendees worked on formatting activities for both HTML and CSS to get some practical understanding on how the syntax, elements, ids and classes work! The attendees have also been taking their ideas to the next stage by building a landing page for their project idea!

Week 4

The fourth week was all about prototyping management and early stage product management. With a breather from the technical aspects of the bootcamp, the attendees focused on the various product management frameworks, wire framing, processes and the foundations of UX with a focus on user personas!

The teams were able to flex their creative muscles even further by fleshing out detailed user personas on their customers. The activity allowed them to have more clarity on who they were building for. The attendees also had an in depth look into Product-Market fit and why it is so essential to find the “sweet spot” that your customers would pay for. After that, the teams worked on a practical activity, they worked on wire-framing and prototyping their idea from scratch!

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